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Republican Candidates
for Kane Countywide Offices and
Kane County Board Members

Click on candidate names to visit their website (where available)

Click on District Number for New County Board District Maps

District 16

   Michael Kenyon

District 18

   Richard "Rick" Williams

District 19

   Cody Holt

District 20

   Lucio Estrada

District 21

   Clifford "Cliff" Surges

District 22

   Jeffrey Meyer

District 23

   Gregory Buck


District 2

    Robert (Bob) McQuillan

District 4

    Donald "Buzz" Foley

District 5

    Bill Lenert

District 6

   Dean Seppelfrick

District 8

   Devin Corbett

District 9

   Gary Daugherty

Tom Koppie

District 10

   David Brown

District 11

   Brian Jones

Jonathan Bretz

District 12

   Kenneth Shepro

Bill Roth

District 13

   Todd Wallace

Stephen Brown

Anthony Catella

District 14

   Mark Davoust

District 15

   David Young

Barbara Wojnicki

Richard Johansen

 County Board Candidates

Click On District Number for New Board District Maps

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